Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vegas in 32 hours

Decided to go on a last minute trip to Vegas friday. I am so glad I went and hung out with Jadie, Zack and some new friends! Flight got in around 11am friday morning and I left saturday night. Some of the people rented a condo about 10 miles off the strip, why I don't know. Anyway they picked us up from the airport and took us there. Finally about 5pm four of us caught a shuttle to the Monte Carlo. Yay! finally made it to the strip. Stayed at Hotel 32, this is on the 32nd fl of the Monte Carlo, they have a lounge set up with breakfast, snacks, appetizers and drinks depending on the time of day you stop in. Gambled a little bit, people watching is great here and walked everywhere. Went to the Outlets saturday and bought a few things:)


Kim Thomas said...

This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Queen B said...

fun! jealous!

Jane said...

Good times!!!