Thursday, April 7, 2011

Puppies are bad :)

When Macie came to visit she left a present I am still trying to get rid of...a pee pee stain on the beige carpet. I googled how to rid of it and this is what I found. I think I will try OxyClean first. 1. Dilute Oxy Clean with hot water, leave on spot 1 minute, with dry cloth rub out and let dry. 2. Nature's Miracle which can be found at a pet store. 3. Bottle of peroxide, half cup baking soda and a couple spoonfuls of Dawn, mix leave in 5 minutes and blot out.


Queen B said...

oh ugh :(

Jane said...

Oxyclean is the miracle cleaner

(may cause white stain :()

Kim Thomas said...

Old dogs are bad too...poor Katie....poor our carpet