Thursday, October 29, 2015


One week ago today was Madonna Rebel Heart Tour! Such a great concert!! I have a couple of different photos but Jane took the best ones:) One of the cool things her dancers did was swing back and forth on a pole, can you imagine the core strength this takes, another was the guys climbing a wall and then the bed scene with four beds in a row and pairs of dancers. I even ran into Dina and Tina at the end and a girl who loved my boots and took pictures of them lol.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Eddie V's

Omg the food here is delicious! ! Jean and I got here around 930pm and live music was great. Had a fabulous dinner and finished with bananas foster that we shared but I could gave ate all by myself; )

We first went to Cavendars to boot shop. Jean found a cute pair. I found 2 I loved but neither was in my size so too bad for me.

Art in Houston

There were some fun sculptures around the George R Brown convention center in downtown Houston. Here are a few of them. Would love to have more time to go the some museums and the space center.

Grace Hopper conference

The Anita Borg institute Grace Hopper Women in IT conference was this week in Houston. What a huge event, it had over 12,000 attendees this year. I went with Jean and Jacqueline to represent Dignity Health at the career fair. So many smart young ladies(students) and professionals there! I was not able to attend any of the key note speakers but heard they were excellent.  There was a lot of swag to be given away, coolest thing I got was a selfie stick used in last photo. I wanted a screen printed shirt from Cisco but the line was always ridiculous, got a nice thermos from them instead.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Back on

I stopped getting  my gel nails end of May due to a nail turning greenish black. I have been debating doing them again and tonight I did after 4.5 months.  They look so pretty!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Today was the first day of the balloon Fiesta and the weather was perfect! It is usually freezing cold, windy and/or raining when I go to see the balloons. Hollie, Kim and my mom went, the guys wanted to sleep. I think they need a snoopy balloon. Saw the cute special shapes: bees, smoky the bear, zebra, pig, stagecoach,  Darth vader, yoda, fish and a carousel. After we went to the range for breakfast, I had blue corn huevos ranchers with red and green chile. Went to rest for a while then headed to Santa Fe for lunch at La Choza. This place is delicious! ! Had green chile stew, yum!

Cleveland homecoming

Friday night Cleveland high school (Storm) played El Dorado eagles for homecoming. It was a close game and the Storm won! Tonight Hollie is going  to the dance with her friends. It was fun to get to see her perform.