Wednesday, December 28, 2016


The last time I remember going to zoolights Adrian was 7, that was 12 years ago. It has grown and is now in its 25th year, so may pretty lights! Bonus this year was all the cool Lego animals, my favorites were the polar bears and the sea horse display. There is also a talking giraffe and tortoise, they both asked Jacob and Jordan why their fingers were glowing and better get checked at dr. Mom bought them flashing gloves at the zoo. They even have Starbucks.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Random pictures

Hollie helped me decorate my tree this year. I didn't put it up last year. It was nice to have her help.

Snow at Tempe marketplace...

Cardinals Saints game was fun, would have been better with a W though. One of my best friends from college bought tickets for her hubby and kids for their anniversary and the were in the next section over from me. Good planning lol. He is a saints fan though.

Christmas Carol

I took Hollie to see A Christmas Carol, it was so good! Loved the outfits and the actors. Fake snow was blown outside after the show. Cory McCloskey played Scrooge but not for our show, he is the weather guy on Fox 10.

Christmas 2016

Woke up to Blas standing in the doorway at 630am wanting everyone to wake up so he could open presents. His sister woke up about 2 hours later after trying  to get her up, she would have slept til 11 at least. He was super excited he got an iPhone 7! Tons of Star wars stuff and various other things.  Hollie got lulu lemon yoga pants and asu things along with some vs gifts. All were happy with what Santa brought them!

Hollie and I peeled potatoes while Damacio prepared salad and turkey. Grandma brought delicious salsa, red chile and taquitos all home made of course.

Kim had friends over: Karl Tina and little Karl. Then my friend Nan stopped by with her boyfriend and Makayla. Then gametime. Thank goodness Steelers won, made for a good evening! Everyone left then we cleaned up and watched Sully, really good movie:)

Santa Fe Christmas eve

Hollie and I wanted La Choza for lunch, they have the best mexican food!! Saturday they closed at 230pm and we arrived around 1pm with a 40 minute wait. I had the blue corn enchiladas with carne adovado, red and green chile, posole and beans....yum! All enjoyed their lunch and then a little last minute shopping after.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Magnolia farm

So excited I got to visit Waco last Thursday and see Magnolia marketplace, wish Joanna and Chip had been there. They did such a great job with this place. The bakery is a new addition and the cupcakes are the best. I had the nuts and bolts which was kinda like a banana nut cake and had cream cheese frosting on it!!! The garden was cute, good food trucks and market had a ton of stuff I wanted but didn't get due to space limitations in my suitcase. The silos were cool!