Friday, July 29, 2016

Magnolia farm

So excited I got to visit Waco last Thursday and see Magnolia marketplace, wish Joanna and Chip had been there. They did such a great job with this place. The bakery is a new addition and the cupcakes are the best. I had the nuts and bolts which was kinda like a banana nut cake and had cream cheese frosting on it!!! The garden was cute, good food trucks and market had a ton of stuff I wanted but didn't get due to space limitations in my suitcase. The silos were cool!

Austin and then Brownwood

Last Saturday I went to Austin to see Jadie and her family. We hung out by the pool for a while and waited for her mom, aunt and cousin to come and meet up to go out on 6th St. Wow the street sure transforms to a different place at night! Several places had live bands which was cool. Stopped at Voodoo donuts and they actually had the best band playing in there. We enjoyed donuts, mine was a blueberry cake, that I saved for the morning, and a voodoo donut yum!
Sunday we walked down South Congress and checked out all the shops. It was really humid. Found a goodwill boutique store that had some fake Louies and then started the 2 hr drive to Brownwood.
Monday went to some stores around town, and went to see the chickens at Jadies house. Zoey loves them. Some scared me, I thought they were going to peck my ankles. They had their rv set up down by the river and that is where we stayed for the week, roughing it lol. Wifi was not great there.
Tuesday country club hanging by the pool. Wednesday lunch at Steve's market and then pedicures  . Friday Zack took us to the range for some target practice. Saturday back to Austin for lunch, foybd the i love you wall and then to the airport.  Had a three hour flight delay and made it home around 11pm.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Second of July in Heber

I think the last time I was in Heber to celebrate 4th of July was either 2012 or 2013. Bekki s last year there was 2014 and I did not go. Saturday morning was the parade that should have started at 11am. Unfortunately it rained really hard that morning and finally cleared up around 10am so we headed down to the area Steve saved the night before in the water zone.  The kids had fun with water guns soaking the people in the area. Some had brought out garage cans full of water to reload,  it was crazy. Jordan snuck around the back of the area where I was and got my back soaked, Sandi made him do it.

We then went to the park and looked at the crafts and stuff for sale, I didn't buy anything. The kids played games and won inflatable bats which cost over $20. They were pony rides, so cute. My shoulders got so burned.

Back to the house to eat and then head to high school and wait for fireworks at 9pm. Then the rain started again and lasted maybe 20 minutes. Finally get there, unpack trucks and haul stuff down to the fields. This year a band was playing, I think the name was Mogellion? Like the rim but this is not spelled right. Fireworks were beautiful! ! This is first time Genesis,  Gina and Victor saw them here, (Adrian s in laws).

Sunday morning before heading home Jason took some of us out to the pit to shoot. So much fun. His new gun jammed though and he could not get bullet out so had to put that one away. Genesis was given the task to video me, fail lol. Got the ground, her dad's feet and some of me. Victor also tried but my lens was dirty so video is really blurry, oh well, had a good time.