Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tempe Arts Festival

Loved the crosses!
I found some yummy salsa(Mango and Pinapple Margarita) at the arts festival today. Next week is My Nana's Salsa Challenge at Tempe Beah park, I can't wait:) There are so many vendors from all over that come to Tempe and display their arts, crafts and food items. I took a couple of pictures of some items I liked and some would not let you take photos(great artwork though). I also purchased Spot some natural paws, I hope this helps with his cracked paws and licking.


Queen B said...

that is a happy looking dog :) hope Spot is, too!

Jane said...

I love events in Tempe!

Kim Thomas said...

I love these types of events, there are not enough of them