Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CPR training

Today I became CPR and AED certified. I had never taken a CPR class before, it was very informative. I learned the Poison control number is 1-800-222-1222. The instructor said these calls go to Good Sam, I am not sure how accurate this is since at first he said they went to St. Joes. Here are some pics of when others were practicing their bandaging.


Jane said...

Lmao head ware

BTW you would call good sam for poison control

Queen B said...

Jane is so knowledgeable (and funny)

awesome job! Chris needs to get certified

Anonymous said...

Hey Parrtner - I put my wound care training to work on Friday. A girl got burned in the service well - someone spilt their hot water on her arm. I treated her and dressed the burn. My training is now complete. ;-)


Kim Thomas said...

LOL at you and Suzanne. I have had to call Poison Control a couple of times, the 22's have resulted in good luck