Saturday, February 19, 2011


Love this song by David Crowder Band, the video is made with a Lite Bright.

David Crowder was interviewed about the background of the song below.

"Please tell me about the background message behind the song and music video "SMS (Shine)?

The funny thing about this song is that when we talked about writing the song, it was based on such a simple idea. We were thinking back to our childhoods and singing “I’m gonna let it shine.” So the song started from the simple idea from Matthew 5:17, “let your light shine before men,” and the children’s song about not hiding our light. Something that sounds so simple when we are children can get beaten down in our adult lives.

Then someone mentioned several people in our church community going through tragic experiences, and how that’s when we see God’s light shine the most in people. We like the metaphor used throughout Scripture, “let there be light” starting in Genesis. Light pushes out darkness and it was bizarre for us to think about this concept of how when things get the most difficult, we can shine the most. As soon as that thought came together, the song was easy to write as we thought about these people we know that have been lights for us.

When it looks like they should be in their darkest moment, they are the brightest in the room. That led to the music video. We thought if we could take the idea of light in a childhood way, like the children’s song, we could show this idea. Nobody will take the blame for the LITE BRITE® idea because it became such an ordeal. Somebody mentioned it and we were off and running with the stop motion animation. "

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Jane said...

Love this Scripture

Kim Thomas said...

This is a great verse!