Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Great customer service - Sears Automotive

Last night I went out to my car to go home, tried to start it once alarm went off, tried to start it again alarm went off, great battery is dead. Good thing Lenore was there and a guy in another car that had jumper cables. I got the car started and then called Costco. I wanted to see if they had a battery and would install it. The guy said they have batteries but do not install them. Not good, I do not install batteries either, I am sure I could do it but prefer not to especially in the dark. It is now 6:40pm, I call Sears and ask about a battery and installation. Terrence said they close in 20 minutes, what kind of car do I have and he will check their stock. They had the battery, I pull up to the front and he asks I pull around to the side entrance to the last bay. I go inside to pay for the battery and by the time I was done signing the paperwork the car was in the front of the store and ready to go. YAY for Sears!


Queen B said...

I used to work at Sears

I worked in the jewelry department

We couldn't even change watch batteries onsite ;)

Kim Thomas said...

The only thing I ever get at sears is there battery service

Jane said...

Love sears