Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016

Woke up to Blas standing in the doorway at 630am wanting everyone to wake up so he could open presents. His sister woke up about 2 hours later after trying  to get her up, she would have slept til 11 at least. He was super excited he got an iPhone 7! Tons of Star wars stuff and various other things.  Hollie got lulu lemon yoga pants and asu things along with some vs gifts. All were happy with what Santa brought them!

Hollie and I peeled potatoes while Damacio prepared salad and turkey. Grandma brought delicious salsa, red chile and taquitos all home made of course.

Kim had friends over: Karl Tina and little Karl. Then my friend Nan stopped by with her boyfriend and Makayla. Then gametime. Thank goodness Steelers won, made for a good evening! Everyone left then we cleaned up and watched Sully, really good movie:)

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