Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

Arrived in Albuquerque the morning of the 24th and it started to snow. The snow was not sticking. Went to a few stores with Kim and then back to her house. I wrapped the gifts I brought. Blas, mom and Kim went to mass. We watched a movie then went to bed so Santa would come. Blas woke up at 2,3 and 5, I heard him every time. It was so sweet he made me coffee and brought in the room at 6am for me. A little after 8am everyone was up and we opened gifts. Around 1pm damacio mom and dad came over for dinner, so did Christina and Carl and Carl jr. Nan stopped by later;) I had a good time! Hollie told me I needed snap chat and we had fun playing with this app for a while. Hollie showed Nana how to apply makeup and it looked great.

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Sara Watson said...

Merry Christmas! Did I ever tell you how much Avery LOVED your Christmas card? :)