Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Jadie and Zoey time

Today I spent the day with Jadie and Zoey! So happy I got to spend time with them. A three yr old is exhausting. Naps are needed but none were taken. Started the day at McDonald's playing on playground for 2 hours. Next went to get a pedicure and Zoey got her nails painted. Red for Jadie Purple for me and pink and green for Zoey. A bottle of pink did not make it, dropped and made a mess on floor and her pants. The owner of salon had deep fried a turkey and offered us some, he made Jadie a plate. For his first turkey it was pretty tasty. Next to the mall and build a bear. First Arf was chosen then 4 other things and then final decision was Arf aka snoopy. We took photos with Santa. Zoey wants pancakes for Christmas. A little browsing at a few stores then on to play at mall play area. Some of us didn't want to leave there lol. Overall I had a fun time!


Sara Watson said...

so cute! looks exhausting :)

Jane said...

Love her faces!!!