Sunday, July 19, 2015

Spotty boy

My sweet Spot passed away today. He was such a kind, loving,  gentle dog. I miss him so much and keep expecting him to come  thru his doggie door. Every night he would hear the car alarm beep and then greet me to get 2 cookies cause he was a good boy all day:) I miss him begging for a taste of my dinner, licking his paws, rubbing his head on the floor  (allergies ) and being there for me always!


Sara Watson said...

oh, Diane, I am SO SO sad for you! There is nothing like the love shared with a dog :( Big hugs!!!!!

Kim Thomas said...

Devastating news. I am so very sorry, my heart is with you. The Thomas girls love you!

I am sure Spot is playing with Katie now.

Jane said...

Good bye sweet boy