Saturday, February 15, 2014

Animal Kingdom

First thing we did here was meet up with Nichole and Mike then we all went to see It is Tough to be a Bug. There are a few surprises during this show that may scare little kids. Walked thru several different countries looking for real animals and did not see any yet so we went to get something to drink then went to ride a Dino roller coaster which both Nicole and Kim were scared to get on, it is a little roller coaster nothing like Thunder Mountain that had a really long wait. Mike took a funny video on the ride of the two of them. We were looking for the safari tour and asked someone how to get there but were told all the animals go inside at 5:30pm so we could not see them. Decided to go to Magic Kingdom and find Hollie, Madison and their friends.


Jane said...

So much fun!

Kim Thomas said...

Dino is exactly like Indiana jones.