Monday, June 6, 2011

Turquoise is no where to be found

Have you seen the new Opi polish? It is called Shatter and comes in 6 colors. I want turquoise and cannot find it here. I went to San Tan yesterday...sold out. Today I went to Ulta on Camelback, Tempe Marketplace and one on Baseline...all sold out! The girl said to check back wednesday when they get a truck in but cannot guarantee this will be on it.

The website shows you what the polish would look like with different colors under the shatter.

Sally Hansen also came out with a similar product but no turquoise.


Queen B said...

hmmmm. can you do it online?

Queen B said...

interesting concept. I can barely get mine polished without major malfunctions... I wonder if this would be better or worse :)

Kim Thomas said...

I will look in CA