Saturday, July 10, 2010


Ha means breath of life. The ancient greeting of Aloha was originally reserved for loved ones. It involved rubbing noses and inhaling each other's breath(or ha). This is considered the most heartfelt welcome and the foundation of aloha.

Ha is also a show at the Polysenian Cultural Center. It was a great love story! The cultural center has so many things to experience. There are different villages to visit such as Hawaii, Tahiti, Figi and several others. Each village has an activity for everyone to particiapate in if they choose to. I made a fish out of a palm leaf. Took a canoe ride and got rained on and watched the parade down the river.


Queen B said...

ooh, neat! I learned something new and intriguing :)

Jane said...

I learned something too!

So cool!

Kim Thomas said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, I like your meaning better.